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June 23
June 2011 Blog Post

Happy summer, everyone! This is the recap for the June 14, 2011 Board of Trustees meeting, with a few important items for staff at the end.


1. Committee meetings

University Relations Committee: The primary agenda item for this committee meeting was discussing the as-yet-unwritten report on the Board’s Presidential Search Tour of the Commonwealth. (A variety of current and former trustees, as well as Presidential Search Committee members, visited about 15 sites across Kentucky in early spring to attend forums to solicit input from Kentuckians on the presidential search and the process.) When the report is drafted, the committee will review and edit it and determine how best to utilize it and share it.


The UK Extension offices were used as the sites for these forums, and I heard over and over again how wonderful Extension staff employees are!


Finance Committee: The Finance Committee had a wide variety of agenda items, including the much-reported item on negotiating for University Lofts, to replace Reynolds #1 warehouse. (You may know the warehouse as where Surplus is located – it’s the building in horrific condition that our Art students love, and sometimes love to hate This was the source of a lot of discussion among Board members, both prior to and during the Finance Committee meeting. In my opinion, the Board recognized the need to replace Reynolds #1, but at the same time also wanted to make sure that the University Lofts “solution” was the right decision.


The spectator gallery/audience area during the Finance Committee meeting was slam full of Art supporters – I assume it included students, faculty and staff and perhaps a couple parents of Art students. I was happy and proud to see so many members of the UK family uniting together for a common cause that will benefit a wide variety of campus individuals. Discussion on University Lofts went long – the Finance Committee meeting was scheduled to adjourn at noon, but went on until about 12:30.


If you ever wonder why there aren’t many questions during the full Board meetings, you should attend the Board’s committee meetings. Most of us ask a LOT of questions during the committee meetings, because that is where the cmte makes a decision on whether or not to send an agenda item the Board. At committee meetings, we get into nitty-gritty details, ask questions, and discuss the merits of the proposal. By the time the Board deals with an agenda item during the full Board meeting, we’ve typically already had our questions answered earlier in the morning during committee meetings.


2. Full Board meeting

Aside from the discussion about Reynolds #1/University Lofts, there really wasn’t anything controversial on the agenda, at least from my perspective. We did go into closed session to discussion President-elect Capilouto’s contract, but I really can’t say anything about that, other than I think the contract is pretty fair.


3. Staff Senate-related items

Some of you may know about two initiatives that came out of the Staff Senate, which have since been implemented and are now housed in HR. Both of these really need staff support to flourish. Maybe you can donate, or maybe you need to use the services...


Shared Leave Pool Donations

As the end of the fiscal year approaches, please think about donating any vacation time that you have but cannot use – there are staff employees who could really use it! The donations are used to help staff employees who have used all their accrued paid leaves due to an ongoing illness or injury.


You can donate as little as two hours or donate multiple days.  The Shared Leave Pool committee members will be at a table across from the Big Blue Deli to take donations for the pool from 10:30 to 1:30 on Friday, June 24th, or you can visit the link above for a donation form to mail in.


CRISIS Program

CRISIS (Crisis Relief in Situations Involving Staff) is a program to assist eligible UK employees who need financial assistance by providing a one-time payment of up to $500 employees.  CRISIS is funded by staff and faculty contributions – these donations can be made through payroll deductions of as little as $2.50/pay period. The link above will take you to a site with additional information, including criteria for assistance and ways to donate.


As always, if you need to reach me for anything, please don’t hesitate to do so! I am here to serve you!





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