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August 18
Blackboard Upgrade
New Blackboard Upgrade
May 07
Blackboard Upgrade
Blackboard, The University’s Online Course Management System, is being upgraded in the early morning hours of May 12th. This upgrade will move us to Blackboard Learn version 9, the first release of the Blackboard NG project designed to bring more Web 2.0 technologies to Blackboard, and make it easier to navigate and customize the system.
Check out the Blackboard Wiki for more information.
April 29
eTraining Available For All Staff, Faculty and Students
Training for a large variety of products is available from Human Resources at the following link:
Courses for all Office products are available as well as dozens of other Microsoft and non-Microsoft products. For more information on this and other training opportunities, please go to the UK Training Wiki.
April 14
SharePoint Designer now Free
Microsoft has announced that they are now giving Office SharePoint Designer away for free. Office SharePoint Designer is a tool that university departments can use to customize the look and feel of their SharePoint site without having to manage the code directly.
For more information about SharePoint Designer check out the Microsoft site.
For more information about SharePoint at the University of Kentucky contact the IT Customer Service Center.
April 13
Forefront Client Standalone installer released.

A standalone installer for Forefront Client can be found on


If you admin computers on AD contact me about the managed installer which provides additional reporting and control for boxes on the domain.



April 11
Office Communications Server Upgrade


The upgrade to the R2 version of Office Communications Server 2007 is underway.  All OCS users are being moved to the new service over the next several days.  In order to take advantage of the new features of this version you must be running the R2 version of the client software found hereIF you installed your OCS software before January 14, 2009, YOU NEED TO UPGRADE!

March 03
Outlook Web Access in MyUK!

Keep an eye out for the [Email] tab under portal.  The mail tab will lead you to a integrated Exchange OWA session.

March 03
Windows Mobile 6.5

Windows Mobile 6.5 with capacitive touch hardware to challenge the iPhone interface.

March 03
Always connected wireless access on campus

Did you know you can register your WiFi devices on campus avoid the pesky wifi login prompt?



March 03
Square root day!

Square root day is a humorous holiday celebrated on dates where the day and the month are both the square root of the last two digits in the current year.[1] For example, the last square root day was March 3, 2009 (3/3/09), and the next square root day will be April 4, 2016 (4/4/16). The final square root day of the century will occur on September 9, 2081. Each century it is the same nine dates that are Square root days.

Ron Gordon, a Redwood City, California high school teacher, first created the day for 9/9/81. Gordon is the official public relations person and sends news releases to world media outlets[2]. In addition, his daughter has got in on the act and set up a Facebook page for people to share how they were celebrating the day.

One suggested way of celebrating the holiday is by eating square radishes, or other root vegetables cut into shapes with square cross sections.