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October 02
New Features and Tools Added
A few new features have been added to Blackboard that will give faculty and students new ways to share information with each other, and with their classes. TASC and UKIT have answered a request by faculty to incorporate blogs, wikis and podcasting in to Blackboard courses with the Purchase of CampusPack LX.

CampusPack LX by LearningObjects is a set of tools that brings blogs, wikis, podcasting, a new more advanced search tool to Blackboard. As these new tools are rolled out TASC will be providing training and workshops to show how the tools can be used, but we’ve already turned the new features on so Faculty can start learning about them now.

If you have questions about any of the new CampusPack tools, or there is something else you’ve seen that you would like incorporated in to Blackboard please contact Blackboard Support at


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