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August 29
First Week
The first week of classes is coming to a close and the updated version of Blackboard has been performing well. We've made several changes since this time last year including new more powerful Database servers, additional web servers and improved performance monitoring tools.
As part of this blog I'll be giving out performance reports from two of our monitoring systems. The first report is from our TrueSight monitoring system from Coradiant.
This report shows the response time for all requests over the past 7 days.
Host Latency Report
From this report we can see that the average request time for all of Blackboard is just over 1/3 of a second, and that only a small number of requests, less than 1% are taking over 2 seconds to complete.
Through proactive monitoring we are working to ensure that our faculty and students are able to use tools like Blackboard without having to worry about performance or availability.


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