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August 22
Back to School 2010
2010 Summer Performance Numbers
User Authentications 473,230
Unique Users 19,807
Unplanned Bb outage 0 min
Unplanned related outages
(network, etc)
150 min
User Satisfaction
(Hits processed under 800ms)

It is back to school time and Blackboard is ready for the upcoming semester. I wanted to point out a few things we’ve done over the summer to get the system ready for the fall semester.

First, we’ve moved to the latest version called Blackboard Learn 9.1. This version brought several improvements to the back end systems. Bb9.1 supports the latest version of 64 bit java, meaning we can serve more faculty and students per server, and the servers will be able to process the requests faster.

The move to Bb9.1 also brought a few changes to user experience, many of the things both faculty and students do inside the course are more intuitive, and faculty can quickly embed video and images from YouTube and flickr.

The new Blackboard Mobile Learn application is available for users of iPad, iPod, and iPhone while connected to wi-fi as well as Sprint customers with a Blackberry or Google Android based smart phones. Students can download the app for free from the market on your mobile device.

Second, we’ve beefed up the monitoring infrastructure to ensure to enable us to keep a better eye on performance and availability. We’ve upgraded to the latest version of Coradiant TrueSight, we now have access to additional types of monitoring including global performance compliance, so we can track sessions better from around the world.

The next part of our monitoring infrastructure that we’ve updated is the Microsoft Operations Manager infrastructure. We’ve updated to the latest version which adds additional monitoring types for web and database, as well as improved reporting and alerting. We’ve also added an off campus monitor that allows us to check performance and availability from off campus.

Third we’ve added additional resources to the database and storage system to allow for additional materials to be stored inside the blackboard system. These new resources will help to ensure the system will be ready to handle the additional needs of the upcoming semester.


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