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January 13
Spring Semester

The Spring Semester is about to start, and already Blackboard traffic is going up as Faculty are getting their courses ready for the upcoming term. Students are also starting to login and take a look at the early course information.

Already there are over 16,000 unique students enrolled in a Blackboard course; however that number will continue to change over the first week or two as students move around in their courses. So far performance is doing just fine, page requests times are averaging around 200 milliseconds or two tenths of a second.

As you know, over the break Service Pack 4 for Blackboard, and other updates were applied to the Application and Database servers to improve performance. Noticeable improvements have been seen in the Grade Center as well as other behind-the-scenes tasks that keep Student and Course information up-to-date.

After the first week of class I’ll post some performance information and compare that to the same period of time at the fall semester.


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