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February 24
More Monitoring

We’ve been working for some time to improve the way we monitor Blackboard and other IT Applications, and this week we’ve made some major strides. Over a year about we brought a new monitoring application online that we use to monitor the various systems in our datacenter. It monitors various parts including health of the hardware and software, as well as various performance characteristics.

We’ve now added on to that with remote monitoring devices that have been placed in 9 locations around campus. The purpose of the remote devices is to perform various functions on campus applications like Blackboard so we can track both application and network performance in a standard way. These results will allow us to understand issues that me be seen in one part of campus, and better track availability.

This will complement our existing user experience monitoring which provides reports on actual Faculty and Student sessions, but doesn’t tell us if the system is available or not.

As the data is collected and we start producing reports, I’ll be posting that information here.



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