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January 04
New things coming to Blackboard

There are several new things that will be coming to Blackboard over the next 6 months; some I can talk about now; some will have to wait until later. Over the last several weeks the data import process has been updated to provide more frequent updates for course information. This step is allowing new course, and course changes from the registrar’s office to be available to Blackboard sooner.

As part of this update we will also start importing more information with user accounts such as the status, such as Faculty, Staff and/or Student. This information will allow more personal information to be presented via Blackboard. You may have already seen the new Account Information box that shows important information about password expiration and other important account information; this is just the start of the changes that are coming designed to increase the information and integration between Blackboard and other University systems.

If you have any questions about this, or other Blackboard updates contact the Teaching and Academic Support Center.


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